Venepandi as P&I correspondent represents specialist surveyors, maritime consulting, loss adjusting, legal assistance and claim management including Demurrage, quantity and quality. We are P&I correspondent in Venezuela, Trinidad y Tobago, Aruba, Curacao and the rest of the Caribbean, providing independent and expert services to the marine field related companies and P&I clubs for all kind of coverage. We get instantly identified with the client by offering the best advice at the lowest local rates.

The Staff of our main offices in Caracas and Puerto la Cruz is composed by experts at both legal and technical fronts, we are ready to make a professional approach to each matter and get a quick and effective resolution at satisfaction of our clients.

We attend all fields related to the maritime industry :shipbuilders, owners, charterers, salvors, financiers, P&I clubs and insurers with productive relationship with port authorities and government in order to ensure that our clients interests are 24/7 protected.

Legal expertise

Our in house team of solicitors are expert criminal, maritime, and aeronautical law, and are prepared to provide our clients (ship agents, Masters, foreign and local crews, shipowners, charterers, brokers, P&I clubs, H&M insurance, FD&D insurance, etc.)with legal assistance and advice, in civil, commercial, labor, criminal and customs matters.

We are ready to provide any legal advise in order to avoid any disputes and to represent our clients seeking to minimize or rule out any losses.


We provide a full range of marine and scientific consulting services, advising on all marine and security matters. Our team is constantly investigating of the changing of regulations and costumes of the commercial situation in the country. If you are a client of us, you can know for sure that we will respond any of your queries on a immediate basis and will be ready to provide any information as long as available in order to ensure that any losses are prevented or minimized.

Claims handling

Our team in claims management, in our main office, as well as all distributed in each port, are ready to deliver imidiate and effective solutions, as answers to any request that our clients might have. We are acustomed and emphatazied with our clients, so we maintain our costs at minimum, asuring effective and eficient attention. We are ready to follow instructions or to take any cautionary acction, as we attend a case and handle caims of any nature.

Lab analisys and sampling

Whatever the cargo in bulk is (iron related cargoes, oil related cargoes, food products, etc). Our team of surveyor is ready to make samples according to the IMSBC code and to carry out lab analysis in order to determine effectively with trustable results if the cargoes are within the specifications and suitable for carriage either to reject any potential claim or to protect the vessels interests.

All Services

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Claim handling and recovery

Pre-loading and outturn survey

Travel specialist for the marine and offshore industries

Underwater inspections for any purpose

Pollution inspection

Condition survey
and Dry Dock

Off shore and land based equipments survey

Legalization and notarization

Cargo and marine survey

Hull and machinery inspection

Loss prevention survey



Loss adjusting

Personal Injuries and ills crewmembers full attendance

On / off hire

Ship registers