We provide a full range of marine and scientific consulting services, advising on all marine and security matters. Our team is constantly investigating of the changing of regulations and costumes of the commercial situation in the country. If you are a client of us, you can know for sure that we will respond any of your queries on a immediate basis and will be ready to provide any information as long as available in order to ensure that any losses are prevented or minimized.

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Claim handling and recovery

Pollution inspection

Cargo and marine survey

Specialist investigation

Personal Injuries and ills crewmembers full attendance

Pre-loading and outturn survey

Condition survey and Dry Dock

Condition survey and Dry Dock

Hull and machinery inspection

 Incident inspection

On / off hire inspection

Travel specialist for the marine and offshore industries

Off shore and land based equipments survey

Loss prevention survey

Loss adjusting

Ship registers

Underwater inspections for any purpose

Legalization and notarization